Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Your Earning Possibilities.

Your Earning Possibilities.

Using the TE Profit System you will definitely get more than one referral per month.

However, if you can sponsor only one new affiliate per month and show them to use the TE Profit System to do the same, you could develop an income over $4,000 per month within the next twelve months.

Let me explain...

January, month one, say I help you sponsor 1 person, there would be 2 of you on the team

February both of you work together to each find one more person, now would be 4 of you

March the 4 of you each find one more....now there's 8....

April you each get one more now there's 16

May, same thing, 32 in the group

June, same thing, 64 in the group -- still nothing to get excited about. But just wait.

July, same thing, 128 team members!

August, same thing, 256!

September 512
October 1,024
November 2,048
December 4,096!!!!!!!!

$4,000 Per Month is Just the Beginning

You can reach an income much larger than $4,000 per month. You will earn a "Leadership Bonus" equal to one-half of their commission earnings each month. Then just sponsor one active (paid for in the current month) member each month and your income continues to increase as the number of matching bonuses you are paid goes up.

Just imagine 100 personally sponsored active members with average earnings of just $50 per month. Your bonus would be $2,500 per month. If they're averaging $500 per month that bonus just became $25,000 per month. The earning possibilities are unlimited.

Remember, these earning are possible only when the members on your team know how to sponsor at least one per month.

To learn how you will be able to sponsor at least one and teach the how to do the same go check out my page at... www.IanBartley.com/spill.

If you are truly serious about developing full-time income on the Internet, you will not find a more practical, affordable way of doing it than with the TE Profit System


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