Wednesday, 10 December 2008

How to Use Forums to Increase Your Traffic & Search Engine Ranking

Tip... Use a site like to search forums for discussions related to your keywords. Use the keywords as your signature then join in the discussions.

My recommendation is not to post your link in the discussions. It is to choose relevant discussions to your key-word.

Example... if my key word is "easy ways to make money", I would search the forums for "easy ways to make money". I would then set up my signature as "Easy Ways to Make Money" and join the discussion.

For tips on how to choos keywords click here.


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Thursday, 20 November 2008

Catch-up With All Your Favourite TV Programmes

Since the birth of my son, just over three years now, my TV has been stuck in the kids zone. It just goes from cbeebies to Nick Jr and the other other children channels. Instead of watching Smallville, 24, Desperate Housewives and all the other programmes we lover to watch, my wife and I have been watching "In The Night Garden", The Backyardigans, Captain MC and Super Why.

Not being able to watch my favourite, Smallville since the start of season six, I decided to go hunt for it on DVD. I was just about to spend £35 for when a friend at work recommended this cool website...

In addition to Smallville you can view all the popular TV programs without having to download any software to your computer.

Important... after finding the show you want to watch you should click the number 1 or 2 in the column to view the program. Also I have found it better to watch it in two sitting over one

Step By Step Finding a TV Show

Example - Smallville

1. Go to

2. Click Channel

3. Scroll down to TV

4 Click "S".

5. Scroll down the page to find and click Smallville

6 You will see a column like the one below, click the 1 to watch the first half then when you are done click then 2.

Tudou Parts: 1 2 nobody Download Mark As Dead

Hope you enjoy as much as I have.


Ian Bartley

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Wednesday, 8 October 2008

More Traffic in Less Time

Get An Extra 5 - 7 Traffic Exchange Credits per Minute I believe that I have found the most efficient way to generate free credits with manual traffic exchange programs. If you are aware of an easier way to do it than the way that I am about to share, please don't hesitate to set me straight. This strategy employs the tabbed browsing and slide-show features offered by the Crazy Browser. Just like a picture slide-show. the crazy browser will present a group of sites to you one after each other, at a time set by you. Your job will simply be to click the relevant link on each traffic exchange program. Step by step... here is what you must do. 1. Click Here to get the Crazy browser. 2. Create a group of four to five manual traffic exchange programs that uses a 10 - 15 second timer. Here is a list of the ones I like to use: 1. Top Surfer 2. Traffic Fusion 3. Bionic Hits 4. EasyHits4U 5. * TrafficSwarm 3. Go to Option... Advanced Option... Slide-show... then set the transition time to 4 to 5000 milliseconds. 4. Start a group session then press Control, Shift Back-space to start or stop a slide-show. The Crazy browser will keep rotating the sites in your slide-show... you just keep clicking for a credits every four to five seconds. Using this strategy you will easily generate over 300 credits per hour. Note... 1 million hits a day could be totally useless if your website is not converting it into cash... You could be making more sales, growing your business faster and making more money with less traffic. To learn how click here. I am always open to information and resources that could help me in my business. feel free to connect with me via Skype or messenger. To your success Ian Bartley www.RedHotInfo.Biz/ Skype ID ian33 Yahoo ID ianbartley