Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Three Simple Steps To Targeted Web Traffic

Three Simple Steps To Targeted Web Traffic.

  • Use Traffic Ex to surf for at least 300 credits every day.
  • Send your traffic to a cloaked splash page.

Note, the hits I get from traffic exchanges are not targeted. However, all the people from the traffic exchanges that "click through" my splash page are interested in seeing what I have to offer.

Also, every hit from the traffic exchanges earns me credits to have my ads displayed across the adsvert and Traffic Power Plus network. Every "click" through those links are targeted.

Hope you found this information helpful.

Ian Bartley

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Targeted Traffic is Insignificant... When you are getting paid for EVERY hit.

Hello, thanks again for requesting my information.

The idea behind this is simple.

You-Cubez will pay one cube-dollar for every 50 unique visitor you send to your referral page if you are a free member... one cube-dollar for every 20 unique visitor if you are an upgraded member.

A $500 cube can easily be resold on the network for $15 or more.

If you are using traffic exchanges and safe lists for traffic, you know that more than 90% of your visitors don't care about your product opportunity or marketing system. Everyone is just trying to get traffic to their websites.

In order to take advantage of the You-Cubez opportunity without slowing down the growth of my list building activities, I have been using the viral ad-bar from Leads Leap. See an example Click Here.

By promoting this way, I am getting cash for the credits I generate on the traffic exchanges plus I am getting more quality visits from the people who click through the ad-bar to my main website.

To use this strategy for yourself, all you will need is a You-Cubez and Leads Leap account.

Note... inside Leads leap, you can find the ad-bar system on the left menu titled "Advanced Link Cloaker".

Should You have any questions just drop me a line or connect with me on face-book.

Ian Bartley

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Reduce The Time You Spend Marketing Online, Eliminate Your Advertising Expenses, Get More Referral And Sales For Your Business.

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

The Idea behind this is simple... You spend $25 to get 6,000 full page views, 60,000 text ads, or 30,000 top sponsor ads for your primary business...

We show you how to cross-market and advertise to share this marketing resource with 15 to 20 active marketers everyday...

You eliminate your $25 cost by earning $9 for the first three marketers you help to take advantage of this system.

There are a lot more benefits within the system but don't loose focus. The most important things are to reduce the time you would have spent promoting online to get an extra 6,000 visit, eliminating your expenses and generating sales for the business or product that you are now promoting.

To explore the ad source and start getting more traffic today click here.... Click Here.

Ian Bartley

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

How to Get WebTraffic

Article, social bookmarks and video marketing combined.

Three videos in this one post... just watch them before you complain :)

The first one outlines a marketing plan that's been delivering over 200 hits per day.

Its a really good plan however, it could take you about three to six or even more hour of research, writing and recording to get everything done.

Hence, the next two videos shows how you can complete the tasks mentioned in the first video in less than one hour.

I know that you are going to love this one.



Monday, 16 November 2009

How to Get Web Traffic

The absolute best form of traffic you can get is free search engine traffic and the absolute easiest way to get it today is by feeding the search engines with video content. The search engines just love them and people just love to watch them.

Now, if there was a way to take any article or text document and convert it into a video within 10 to 15 minutes and if you could have those videos submitted to 17 sites with one push of a button...

Do you think you might be able to get good rankings on the search engines? And if you could create videos to get good rankings from the search engines, would you make only one video per day?

With the ability to produce videos,quickly, without a camera or without being an expert on the topic you are creating the video about do you think you might be able to increase the flow of traffic to your website?

Visit the site below for more details and a 14 day free trial then use this coupon code to get a 30% discount when you decide to upgrade your account... 6343B725


Ian Bartley


Monday, 2 November 2009

How To Succeed In MLM

If you go to any of the search engines and do a search for MLM or network marketing, you will find a bunch of ads, articles and comments from hundreds of people stating why people fail or that over 97% of people who try MLM or network marketing fail.

I do not agree that people fail, I think people quit.

All of us fall down over and over whilst learning to walk but if we had quit, we would have not learn how to walk.

Marketing is the same, if you quit after falling a couple of times... you will never learn.

Most people who try to make money in MLM or Internet marketing will start out loosing more money than they make until they learn or quit. The sad thing is that about 97% of people quit before they learn.

If you are trying to make money, do you think it might serve you best to focus on learning what the successful 3% know that you don't, instead of studying all the reasons other may give for quitting?

If you are interested in learning what the 3% know that you don't and being able to do what the 3% are doing that you are not doing at the moment, go check out my mlm training site for complete details on how to succeed in mlm.

Ian Bartley

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Targeted Website Traffic

Great video series... teaches how to get real targeted traffic to your website.

On completing the basics within our training system, you will have a clear understanding of...
  • How to get laser targeted traffic to any website of your choice
  • How to generate 30 to 50 leads per day
  • How to make money, even if no one joins your primary business.

To complete this Adword training and get access to information that will end your marketing struggles... click here.

Ian Bartley
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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

How To Increase Your Web Traffic With RSS Feeds

How To Increase Your Web Traffic With RSS Feeds

Found this really great video on YouTube... "RSS IN PLAIN ENGLISH. An Awesome Way To Get Backlinks And Web Traffic Using FeedAgg.com".

Time goes into detail on how create an RSS feed for your website and submit it to the search engines via FeedAgg.com.

This strategy is very simple and can help your site to get top rankings on the major search engine.

Take a moment to check it out but keep in mind... 1 Million Hits A Day could be Totally Useless If Your Website Is Not Converting It to Cash.

Ian Bartley

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Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Get 1,000 Free Screen Views Of Your Website... ScreenSwarm

Get 1,000 Free Screen Views Of Your Website

How many hours would you say your computer stays on idle throughout the day?

What if you could get 1:1 exposure for every 20 seconds your computer stays on idle?

Well, Garland Coulson, the creator of the free traffic bar has recently created ScreenSwarm. It is described on the intro page as a screen saver that gives you traffic while you are away from pc.

I would describe it as an auto-surf program that starts automatically whenever your computer is idle for a few minutes.

Bottom line, its a great idea... It is Free to join and you get 1,000 free views of your sit on registration.

Go get the full details here... ScreenSwarm

Ian Bartley

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Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Get More Traffic From The Search Engines

A simple system to help you get more traffic from the search Engines.

Think of three key phrases...

Three key phrases that someone would type into a search engine to find what your website is offering.

Submitting those phrases along with a few basic info like... your business name, your web site URL and a short text ad is all that is needed to create a SUPER search-engine bait like mine at Make Money With Twitter.

Your site will be automatically updated with real time content from recent blog posts and news regarding your business and the keywords you choose.

Because the website is updated regularly, the search engines keep coming back and the pages gets ranked very high for visitors searching for the exact content you have to offer!

YOUR text ad and a link to your website appears prominently at the top of the page, and that's where YOUR traffic comes from.

The system is Free to set up and you will be able to log in and make changes to your key phrases and links anytime you like.

For step by step instructions on how to get your page set up within the next 10 minutes click here.

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