Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Targeted Traffic is Insignificant... When you are getting paid for EVERY hit.

Hello, thanks again for requesting my information.

The idea behind this is simple.

You-Cubez will pay one cube-dollar for every 50 unique visitor you send to your referral page if you are a free member... one cube-dollar for every 20 unique visitor if you are an upgraded member.

A $500 cube can easily be resold on the network for $15 or more.

If you are using traffic exchanges and safe lists for traffic, you know that more than 90% of your visitors don't care about your product opportunity or marketing system. Everyone is just trying to get traffic to their websites.

In order to take advantage of the You-Cubez opportunity without slowing down the growth of my list building activities, I have been using the viral ad-bar from Leads Leap. See an example Click Here.

By promoting this way, I am getting cash for the credits I generate on the traffic exchanges plus I am getting more quality visits from the people who click through the ad-bar to my main website.

To use this strategy for yourself, all you will need is a You-Cubez and Leads Leap account.

Note... inside Leads leap, you can find the ad-bar system on the left menu titled "Advanced Link Cloaker".

Should You have any questions just drop me a line or connect with me on face-book.

Ian Bartley

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